Written by: Michael Placencia

As another week passed, so did the release of yet another deadmau5 single. And this one’s my personal favorite. “Coasted” gave me all those warm fuzzy feelings I’ve been longing to have ever since the days of Random Album Title. And that’s exactly what I got! Having those echo/synth-like sounds creep in to open up the track, while flowing alongside the melody that begins to accompany it is just a journey upon itself. It doesn’t take long for the kicks to come in either. With this track, you aren’t given a 2+min wait to hear a drop or major progression; You get everything you need within that first minute. And the rest that follows is extra goodness designed to sedate you into emotional elation.

Photo by reddit.com

Even the breakdown is beautiful, as it goes into the dream-like stasis only momentarily, before plummeting you back into space. The kicks and driving melody are what really make this track special. “SATRN” already made us feel like we were on a journey throughout space, but “Coasted” gave us that fleeting, floating, feeling that seemed like a nice bridge between what is now the middle of our space odyssey of deadmau5 releases. Of all the tracks he’s released, this is by far one of the best I’ve heard in years. We hope the king continues down this path of wonder, because it’s a path he traverses so well.

Fore more deadmau5, follow him on his socials below:

Soundcloud|Official Website|YouTube|Instagram

Posted by:michaelplacencia

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