Written by Sina Watson

When Lane 8 announced “Brightest Lights,” release in January 2020 along with a tour, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate a new decade than with a new Lane 8 album to mend the mistakes of the past year. With little over a month until its release, we’ve been lucky enough to have Lane 8 release not one or two but five songs off his coming LP.

llane 8
Taken from Lane 8 Facebook

Compared to its predecessors, “Yard Two Stones,” takes on a heavier pensive tone and lyrics. Featuring vocals by Jens Kuross, the first verse bellows “She’s done with dancing, She’s over strangers in the dark, The ones you can’t see, They drive the hardest through your heart.” While the lyrics themselves are up to interpretation, for me they resonated with the cold harsh reality of falling on love at the club. You know what I mean, the stranger you meet in the dark corners of the crowd; unable to see who they truly are, end up being the ones that hurt you the most. This is further echoed in the second verse as Jens sings “No use romancing, when Sunday morning breaks your heart.” Almost eluding to the harsh reality that by Sunday morning, as the weekend begins to fade, so does the romance you’ve found within the walls of the club.

While “Yard Two Stones,” may be on the heavier emotions side, there are 4 other beautiful tracks to preview from the album below.

Lane 8 is kicking off his new album with his Brightest Lights Tour starting January 31. Check out his tour dates below to see when he will be performing in a city near you.

lane 8

Connect with Lane 8

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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