Written by Sina Watson

Galo 1

While only 24 years old, Galo Rodriguez is a new face to the electronic dance scene, he is no stranger to musicianship. Galo has had several years of music theory training including 10 years of guitar, 4 years of saxophone, and has even experimented with drums and piano.

Coming from a background heavy influenced by a multitude of genres, Galo blends hip-hop, disco, and alternative together under the four on the floor rhythm of house music for his live performances. In the last year of working in the music industry, Galo has supported artists including Malaa, Tchami, Dombresky, Walker & Royce, and more.


His first track, “Whack,” will be released on all platforms via Nightenjin’s Pit Crew on December 11, 2019. The compilation will feature tracks by fellow artists Lizzy Jane, Flozone, Bush League, Kill Will, and Indvstry.

“Whack” started out as another project where Galo was messing around with a bassline with repeating 1/16th notes after listening to Jamie Jones’ Remix of “Enough to Believe.” After taking a break during the project to check out some vine compilations on Twitter, he discovered a clip of an old skateboarding vine that went viral back in 2016.

The sample you hear in “whack” came from an old skateboarding clip..”his hair, Whack! his gear whack!..me I’m tight as fuck!” and I thought this would be a funny buildup”

Using this sample, Galo beefed up the build up and what started originally as a super chill track became this strange bass house meme. Check out “Whack” and more below.

Connect with Galo

SoundCloud | Spotify |Facebook |Instagram|Twitter

Posted by:Sina Watson

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