Written by Sina Watson

After about 5 minutes of sleep last night, before hitting snooze for the 69th time, I somehow manage to open up my Spotify to throw on OMNOM Dances with White Girls’ Babysitter/Stunt EP. At first I’m still pretty much half asleep and what I hear through my phone MUST be attributed as a wild melatonin induced dream about fairies, dragons, and Baby Yoda? Finally I manage to drag myself out of bed and crawl into my cold bathroom to splash water on my face. By now the second track “Stunt,” has started playing and I’m wishing I had a cup of champagne to get me through the rest of this EP …and day.

OMNOM premiered his “Babysitter,” track back in October on Wongo’s Box of Cats Radio and neither the sci-fi or house music world was ever the same. If, like myself, you are wondering what in the actual f is going on in “Babysitter,” a fan with too much time on their hands, graciously put together this nice emoji of lyrics. I honestly can’t tell if knowing what is being said makes me feel saner.


Once you’ve started sippin’ on that “magic elixir,” you’ll realize that Dances with White Girls’ vocals, pair perfectly with OMNOM’s signature bassline sounds to scroll through new baby Yoda memes.

Taken from OMNOM’s Instagram

All I can say is Thank god this EP got released on Thursday instead of Friday, because we’re all going to need an extra day to process. The only question that’s left is who is gonna babysit OMNOM? He’s definitely an artist that needs to be watched.

Connect with OMNOM

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Connect with Dances with White Girls

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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