Written by: Michael Placencia

The mighty Mau5trap just continues to build its horde of artists this year, and it’s continuing to gain traction with its newcomer Midoca. Based in Los Angeles, Chaz Treharne began the Midoca project a few years ago after getting out of a very personal relationship. So it’s only fitting that this new EP Dry The Rose is reflective of those shortcomings and loss of love. Full of melancholy and beautiful soundscapes of production; Midoca single-handedly fuses those aspects of his work alongside his own vocals to create a wondrous atmosphere which is sure to put you in deep self-reflective thought.

For so long,I made an identity out of the things in my life that I didn’t know how to change, I just became them.” – Midoca

Midoca 2
Photo by Jennica Abrams

“Behind The Glass (Intro)” sets a fitting tone for the tale of love, loss and learning that’s about to unfold. Midoca once stated, “I felt like I was watching myself exist in a room but from behind the glass, like I was simply not there.” These very words are aptly heard at the very end of this Intro. ” The EP’s title track, “Dry The Rose” introduces us to some powerful lyrics from Midoca. It’s clear the track is representative of losing someone near and dear to one’s heart. “I Can’t Keep Up With You” is another relatable track when you’re faced with someone who almost seems to be too much for you. A person who overwhelms you in both all the right and wrong ways. The vocals for “Something More Than This” are soulfully addicting. Even the lyrics depict someone who wishes to gain more than what they already have in the relationship; progress with the lover they’re with.

Midoca 3_Jennica Abrams
Photo by Jennica Abrams

” ‘Dry The Rose’ is a hopeful farewell to certain learned behaviors and ideas I had of myself.” – Midoca

“Thank You” has to be one of the very best ways to close out any EP I’ve ever heard. “And I think that I’m finally climbing out of that hole…” Those lyrics and then the accompanying vocals, “Thank you,” are some of the most powerful lyrics heard this year. This track is a testament to not only moving on, but personal growth. Growth from enduring the previous relationship you were in. No matter how good or emotionally excruciating. “Thank You” serves as a declaration from Midoca himself to proudly express how far he’s come as a person and how prepared he is to move on to the next chapter of his life. It’s a beautiful piece of music, and a great way to close out this magnificent EP.

After having releases on Monstercat, Lowly Palace and Seeking Blue, while also being featured on Getter’s Visceral album (as well as serving as support on Getter’s tour) and serving as support on Jai Wolf’s The Cure To Loneliness tour, Midoca has gained traction fast. And with this EP, his presence within the industry will only cement him further. The EP just laid the groundwork for what we’re sure will be a plethora of interesting life lessons learned in the future from this exquisitely-skilled musician.

For more Midoca, follow him on his socials below

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