Written by: Michael Placencia

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Mau5trap has bestowed upon us its 9th annual compilation album, and it’s by far the most massively diverse piece of work yet. For this year’s installment, the compilation contains twenty-three tracks that range from Electro, Glitch, House, Progressive and more. Label founder himself (deadmau5) even contributed a track of his own to this super-sized project. Within this album you will find songs from up-and-coming artists such as C.H.A.Y., Floret Loret, ASHE, HVDES, KEETZ, Kindrid and many more. Each of which deliver in their own unique way.

In case you aren’t too familiar with Mau5trap or how it came to be, Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5) founded the label over a decade ago. Serving as an iconic behemoth to genre-defying artists, Mau5trap serves as a platform for those who dare to defy the norm. It’s beautiful to see that the label has spawned with such successful artists as Skrillex, Feed Me, Rezz and i_o. That number only continues to rise with the release of each yearly compilation. Mau5trap was even placed within the top 10 of the “Top 50 Labels of The Decade” by Mixmag. Such an honor can only come with how prestigious the label itself is.

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It wouldn’t be a proper intro if the king himself (deadmau5) didn’t open up the album with his own track. “Aseed” is a very crazy track due to the fact that it opens up beautifully with a piano melody, before launching us into a weird glitchy vibe. It’s a very different direction, but strangely enough it works. ASHE‘s “Human” calms things down as it sends us into a mellow dream state. Bentley Dean‘s “1348” ramps the mood back up with his own style of Electro flair. While on first listen, I almost thought C.H.A.Y. & Monstergetdown‘s “Wanted” was a tad repetitive, until I really allowed myself to listen to all of the background sounds that keep it fresh. It easily became quite satisfyingly addicting. One artist I was happy to see on this year’s roster was HVDES, who really made her mark with “Let Me Go.”

What may very well be the best track on the album in my opinion, KEETZ‘s “London1970” really captured my attention instantly. It’s BlackGummy-like low bass sounds and deeper melodies really help it shine. Paired with that foot-stomping beat, it makes for a very impressive banger. Kindrid‘s “Subconscious” is also probably tied for the best, if not a close second. This track absolutely bangs! It’s as if Kindrid channeled his inner deadmau5, because this is exactly the type of track one could fathom hearing from Mr. Zimmerman. It’s simply a remarkable journey through and through. For those Deep House lovers, “Plastic Wrap” from Joy Downer brings those shuffle on the dance floor heavy vibes. Last but not least, Julian Gray‘s remix of Matt Lange’s “Space Between” takes us on a beautifully progressive journey.

With 2019 nearly at its close, we’re extremely happy and thankful to get a compilation such as this one. Every year we eagerly await what Mau5trap will spring upon us next, and this one was a welcome treat of varying genres. With dozens of artists blowing up from being with this label, we’re looking forward to the artists within this compilation whose names are yet to become famous. We’ll be there every step of the way following their journey, as well as the journey of Mau5trap.

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