Written by: Michael Placencia

If you’re not yet familiar with SHSTR, then boy are you missing out. This creative mastermind has already released some incredible work, such as the phenomenal Destroy The Creator EP last year. The 21 year-old producer is based out of Salt Lake City, and has since evolved the SHSTR brand since its inclination. He now does visual art, unparalleled live performances and provides an ever-unfolding story of grandeur on an epic scale. Now the story continues with none other than “Artificial Sunset.” And what it lacks in song length, it makes up for with the elements packed inside it. It has lots of powerful chords, low bass growls and a nice vocal sample. It’ll leave you wanting more, and curious as to what story is unfolding before you.


2019 has definitely been a year of traction-gaining for SHSTR. He already has support from artists such as Blanke, LICK, Whipped Cream and more. His streams on Spotify and other platforms have grown in numbers as well. Remaining shrouded in mystery is what makes SHSTR the most interesting artist to us right now. His performances, known as experiences, are a fusion of custom visuals, original music and edits that are curated specifically to be heard only one time. Put simply, this guy puts a massive amount of creativity, heart and soul into his entire craft. We’re extremely excited to see what SHSTR has in store for us in 2020, because we’ll be there every step of the way.

For more SHSTR, follow him on his socials below

Soundcloud|Official Website|Twitter|Facebook

Posted by:michaelplacencia

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