Written By: Chase Wilson

Baked Up‘s Baked Dozen dropped their Christmas gift for all. 12 Days of Drops, released on The Whitenoiize Collective, is a perfectly packed album with something for anyone that presses play. All put together in a smoothly-transitioning way and there are so many sounds to treat yourself too. There is no reason not to open your gift and give your ears a snack! Scroll down, click play on 12 Days of Drops and catch our review just a bit further below!

Dope Sauce‘s “Asylum” is Midtempo and CREEPY. That weird, high-pitched alien noise that stays in the background throughout the whole track makes this track that much more weird in the best of ways. A low-key favorite!

GIZMO – “Bring Da House Down” – If I could describe this track in one word, it would have to be “YOI.” GIZMO‘s tracks always come loaded, and BDHD is definitely no exception. You can hear him cross over different genres sounds at different parts of the track, and that drop makes you shake a little bit. Check my man’s out.

Gratum‘s “Get That Money” is a chill ass house track with a groovy drop. Dancers will hop on this one quick, and “Get That Money is gonna put all of them onto Gratum‘s style.

JADIP‘s “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” is another nice dance track, this time veiled by the most woke title to date. Big room house or not, this could get anyone up on their feet.

“Dubstep Sucks” uses every stereotypical part of dubstep and turns it into all out ear food. Still managing to somehow go hard while simultaneously making fun of his own genre. Lazy K with the not-so-lazy interesting ideas.

Whenever that “Kings” drop hits, I have to look up in the sky and make sure I’m not 5 seconds away from being abducted by aliens. Like some loud siren you’d hear from War of the Worlds, “Kings” makes it’s presence known while LovelyBones continues to put out amazing tunes.

Milazzo‘s BEEN someone to keep an eye on, and “Turn On” is the perfect track to introduce her with. A calm yet still beaming with energy-type tune, you may see your local shuffler moving to this one on your timeline!

“Laser Beam” grew on me so quickly! Ron Austin kills this one, and had me acting out every dance move imaginable in a bedroom rave.

The small-but-loud; Saratonin throws down on “Uh Oh.” That snare’s nasty and that drop is nastier, and there really is no better combo than that. Take a second and appreciate that “Uh Oh” vocal again by clicking replay!

“Trap Shit” will have you going wild quick with the bass, and that first drop hits so nice. That second drop though…that SLAPS. Tek Savvy wubbing it out.

Toast‘s “BoyGirl” is something out of a dream for me. If I could define the sound on “BoyGirl,” I’d call it a bouncy Arkasia track AND the track I listened to the most! Give your ears something nice like this for Christmas!

“Am I High Enough” is an easy roof-raiser, and is so very, very energizing. Something I hope to catch at a Zkosta set soon, no doubt! Throw this one a playlist addition and enjoy the boost you get every time.

I can only hope that Baked Up’s Baked Dozen keep up this tradition every year, cause it truly was as if Christmas came early with all these quality drops. A perfect way to end out the year and prepare for the holidays! 

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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