Lights All Night put together a star-studded lineup for their 10 year anniversary, and it’s still mind-blowing to know I’m catching artists like Kayzo, Virtual Self, Bassnectar and Skrillex! In addition to the stars we’ve grown up on, there’s also have our favorite locals looking to give you a treat for your ears all themselves! From Bass-House and Dubstep to a sound all their own, these locals will be playing your 2019 Lights All Night and their skills just might surprise you.

pictures by Victoria Garces

Medulla is one destructive producer, and his track “The Great Reveal” is just one example of how you can turn something serene into a nightmare. That “Abaddon” Remix is just disgusting. Valent throws down some of the best sets, and is worth the listen if you get there early! M3nace is just as hard, and since “Make It Shake” being his latest release, shows his producing skill walks the same path.

Greed and BTW have collaborated a couple times in the past, where each time their unique takes on Bass-House combine to create some of our favorite tracks to date. Isenberg‘s own unique take on Bass-House often includes out-of-the-box sounds and thinking, making his creativity the only thing out-matching tracks like “Dafuq“. Frooot‘s “Can I Hit Your Juul” has a groove to it that makes dancing to it un-matched, and her mixes contain a little bit of it as well. All-around groovy.

Metaphysic has a sound I could only define as Lofi, but some that are just unexplainably calming. I find myself lost in thought to tracks like “Julie Has My Heart Like” and relaxing to the groove of songs like “Jukebox Dreamers“. Yung Cloud‘s “Flooded Basement” has me going off STILL! Dude’s a master of trap, and can be expected to control the Galaxy Disco stage.

Check out all these locals and stars at Lights All Night at the Galaxy Disco and Space Station stages when they play! Shout out to Nocturnal Waves for putting together a great local lineup for everyone to recognize their talents.

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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