Written by Michael Placencia
Photos by Nathen Lane and Victoria Garces

Celebrating its momentous 10th year, Lights all Night (LAN) has certainly reached its first major milestone as far as achievements go. Ten years is a big deal, and the fact that the festival has grown so much so fast is a testament to how much it’s improved over the years. This year was so humongous, that it exceeded over 35,000 attendees across both days of the festival. From a venue change, to learning what works and what doesn’t, LAN has learned from its past troubles, and seems to have made up for it almost ten fold. What’s most impressive, is how much the festival itself could cram so many things and artists into one venue. Just a few years ago, Dallas Market Hall was only home to three stages. This year, the festival boasts a whopping five stages! With a very helpful serving of a variety of artists on each stage, any festival goer will never have to worry about experiencing a dull moment. There was literally something for everyone this year.

LANAC 8photo by Alive Coverage

The Stages

The production, decor, and atmosphere of each stage was different in its own way, and we really appreciated how everything was presented. First up, we have the Space Station stage. Based outdoors, this one gave us some local artists from different cities; Some of which include, M3NACE, Foreign Twinz, Valent and more. Next up, we have Planet Prime Presents Night Bass. That’s right, Night Bass had its own stage at LAN, and it impressed us completely. Located outdoors, it was a very big enough size to pack a lot of people under its roof. Galaxy Disco was probably the underdog that almost took the win, because every artist we heard, gave a stellar performance. Ruvlo being at the forefront. Not to mention, the disco-inspired decor and lighting mixed with the dark atmosphere created a very welcome vibe. We easily found ourselves glued to this stage as we vibed out to certain sets, such as GHOST DATA‘s. The Intergalactic stage brought the heat with artists such as Tritonal, Herobust, Liquid Stranger, Subtronics and more. The production of this stage never fails to disappoint. Finally, we have the big one: Supernova. This massive stage consists of production that’s simply breathtaking. From lights to lasers, everything that ensued on and from this stage shined.



Subtronics at the Intergalactic Stage
Virtual Self at the Supernova stage

The Vendors

There were tons of vendors out in full force this time around. Both food wise, and for all your rave needs. Whether you craved burgers, pizza, or rave wear, there was a vendor for you. The common merchandise stands were present as well as other vendors like Pin Stop Shop.

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photos by Alive Coverage

The Experience

Everywhere you looked, there was something new and exciting to see. Whether it was the glowing balloons on the ceiling above the Intergalactic stage, or the disco ball driven dark room of the Galaxy Disco stage, the production was out in full force, and the crews that made it all come to life deserve a hand for their hard work alone. The fan favorite, DreamHack, made a return this year for all to enjoy video games, or lounge at their leisure. One of the most well-appreciated attractions were the silk dancers (courtesy of Lady L Productions) that you could find high above the crowd, along with fire dancers, stilt walkers and more. Lights All Night would also like to extend a special thanks to all of its partners; Some of which include, Reign Body Fuel, Mike’s HARDER Lemonade, Bud Light and many more. The restroom situation seemed to work out better this year, as I never had to wait more than a few minutes to have access to a port-a-potty. As far as sound overlap is concerned, it didn’t seem as much of a bother as previous years. Although it’ll never fail for the Intergalactic and Supernova stages to have that friendly rivalry.


The Artists

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for: Our beloved artists. With LAN being as big as it is this year, it’s hard to pinpoint who had the best set; Especially when there were so many good ones. Golf Clap & Codes threw down, BTW had us moving, He$h brought the filth, GHOST DATA provided us with Midtempo madness and Louis the Child made us vibe in the best of ways. Blossom, Bassnectar, Y2K, the list goes on. But some of our favorite sets had to be Virtual Self. Porter Robinson‘s side project surely knows how to keep you enticed as every moment counts when experiencing his sets. But before we get to our top spot of who had the best performance, we’d like to mention how well Ruvlo did. While even though Galaxy Disco was meant to be a silent disco, it was everything but once Ruvlo took this stage, His heavy Trap, Dubstep, and other infusion of various genres won the crowd over from the very first track until the last. Even Bailo made a guest appearance to b2b with him for a little bit. Galaxy Disco was packed to almost maximum capacity, and we can’t wait to see how far Ruvlo goes in his career.

But the standout winner here is without a doubt, Skrillex. From start to finish, he had the crowd completely hooked on his every move. Playing nearly all of his classics, as well as new hits, Skrillex made sure to fire on all cylinders. His energy was insatiable, and his mixture of different genres such as Jersey Club, Dubstep, Trap and more was mind blowing. Even after it ended, you couldn’t help but feel pumped with adrenaline and hyped beyond belief. We thank Skrillex and all the artists & performers who made Lights all Night the success it was this year.

vertical photo by Dylan Villarreal

Improvements For Next Year

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the slight negatives we had while attending the fest. One of the most notable is crowd control. Having the crowds intermingle and mix the way they did can cause for a lot of conflicting traffic between the two main stages. And while they’re both practically next to one another, there can surely be a better way to manage such overflow of traffic. Another issue was parking. Finding it wasn’t hard, so much as it was getting out. It took us roughly an hour to exit the festival grounds after waiting atop the parking garage we were in. Having a cop direct outgoing traffic would definitely do wonders next time. Despite all of this, there were little to none complaints as far as the entire festival as a whole was.

LAN 10

Lights All Night is a festival unlike no other. It’s the one of the biggest festivals in Texas, and also the biggest end of year festival in the entire nation! If you haven’t experienced LAN yet, definitely do yourself a solid and treat yourself to it come the end of this year. We guarantee you won’t regret it. We thank Lights all Night for having us again this year, and we’re eagerly awaiting what new changes lie on the horizon for the festival, and how far it goes next.

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