Written by: Erik Gonzalez

The beloved electronic duo NERVO, as well as Plastik Funk and Tim Morrison have teamed up for their latest collaboration. The track, released on Spinnin Records, is a dance-ready version of The Pointer Sisters’ 1985 hit, “Dare Me”.

Though NERVO and Plastik Funk haven’t released many songs the last half of 2019, it’s safe to say they’ve been having their share of fun sampling older tunes. In fact, one of NERVO’s latest tracks is a remix of one of Zhu’s popular songs, “Faded”.

Photo taken from Plastik Funk’s Facebook.

This recent collab of theirs, “Dare Me”, sets us into a soulful disco mood. Plastik Funk and NERVO mix it up with some funky house beats that work nicely with Morrison’s vocals. Listen to it for yourselves and experience the groovy guitar filled melody they generate in this single. Stream the track below through SoundCloud or through other streaming portals here!


Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Plastik Funk
Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Tim Morrison

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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