Article and Photos taken by Nathen Lane

Subtronics has yet made another name of himself with adding the last and final volume of the, Now Thats What I Call Riddim, series marking it at Volume 5. There’s so much depth and critiquing that I’m sure went into developing something as monstrous as this. Jesse and his fellow Cyclops Army are more than ecstatic with the official release across all platforms.

Wobbleland Festival Dallas 2019 (Taken by Nathen Lane)

With 140 songs packed in a 36-minute mix, It’s no doubt that 36 minutes is about to take you on a journey and show you what the Cyclops Army is about. The fifth volume of the series has been a well-awaited one, and has surely taken the streams by storm. In just a little over 24 hours, Now That’s What I Call Riddim Vol. 5, has reached 211 thousand streams on SoundCloud. The mix has 34 originals, 17 unreleased originals (including Excisions’ collaboration), and 50 total unreleased tracks from some of the hottest artists in the industry. It’s definitely worth checking the track list, as there’s so much in this mix.

Subtronics Lights All Night 2019 (Taken by Nathen Lane)

Leading up to New Years, Subtronics teased us with a few of these drops in his mix at Lights All Night Festival in Dallas (10th Year). I must say, the crowd was going BUCKWILD. You can see how Subtronics feeds off the energy emitted from the crowd and it’s unlike anything else. The Cyclops Army came in full force.

On top of the mix being packed with tons of tracks we’ve all heard throughout 2019, the mix was also a new path and direction for Subtronics. Jesse wanted this last mix in the series to also show the Cyclops Army what direction he’s steering towards.

Subtronics at Wobbleland Festival Dallas 2019 (Taken by Nathen Lane)

On top of the mix release, Subtronics has announced his MASSIVE tour across the U.S. with some very talented artists eager to show you what’s up their sleeve. After seeing Subtronics play in Dallas on New Years, it’s only promising Jesse will be crushing it behind the decks, and his TM/VJ Max Pohlman murdering the visuals from afar. Max and Jesse are some of the hardest working people in the industry; as things like that shouldn’t not be credited to those that it’s due. Be sure to check out if they’re coming to a city near you!

Taken from Subtronics Facebook

If you haven’t previewed, “Now Thats What I Call Riddim Vol. 5,” now is your time to do so.


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