CHOMPPA is starting off his (and our) 2020 off right with a brand new remix of Walter Wilde & SubDocta‘s “Suga“, and let me say this; your playlist is in need of this heater right here. Releasing on SubCarbon Records, the groovy and go hard track by CHOMPPA executes to perfection and does what every artist plans for on a remix by doing the original song justice, yet keeping it’s distance sound-wise.

From the very beginning, this “Suga” remix is getting you ready for a BONKERS pre-drop/drop 2-piece no fry combo. Just as new for me as it is for you, it only took me 2 listens to slap this one in the playlist before I put it on replay. CHOMPPA is an absolute animal, and you might remember his nasty mix he did for TRILLVO in October. If you weren’t already put on, take the time to click on his socials below and follow for what’s looking to be a promising 2020 for CHOMPPA!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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