Bandlez released a 4-track EP on Disciple Round Table called, Rave Savers.

The EP has three originals and one collaboration with Barely Alive. Bandlez has played a few of these tunes in their recent mix on Disciple’s SoundCloud. Each track is unique in its own way while still giving you the Bandlez style of sound throughout each track. Each track makes me feel some older styles of dubstep mixed with the new styles in bass music.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane (Disciple Kingdom Tour)

The first track off the, Rave Savers, EP is Bandlez track, “Fun.” The track builds up and talks about the duo, “Fighting to keep the fun alive, in a world where DJ’s take themselves too seriously.” The drop gives me that old-school feel with longer drawn out sounds and Bandlez style mixed together to bring you this massive track. This track was definitely one that caught my attention, as it might just catch you as well.

The next track off the EP was Bandlez track, “Gooba Gabba.” This original was played in Bandlez recent Disciple Mix Volume 63, as this was one I was anticipating on being released soon. “Gooba Gabba,” really got me on my feet and wobbling around the room as the beat is very catchy and blends old school dubstep sounds meticulously.

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane (Disciple Kingdom Tour)

The third track off the EP was Bandlez song, “Mr. Yoi.” The track starts off with an eerie tone only to be met with rail-breaking womps and high-pitched dubstep sounds. This is definitely a track I’d love to hear live, as I know for a fact the crowd reaction would fill the room in electronic harmony.

The final track off the EP was a collaboration with Bandlez and Barely Alive called, “Meme Graveyard.” The track starts off talking about, “memes parishing into the hands of normies,” and how memes go to die in the, “Meme Graveyard.” The build-up is promising with the famous lady saying, “B*tch I hope the f*ck you do,” right before a massive drop bound to keep you going hard in the yard. The second drop is my favorite, as it’s got more of that womp that’s been recognized in many of Barely Alive’s recent releases.

Photo taken by Nathen Lane (Disciple Kingdom Tour)

Overall, I highly recommend previewing Bandlez 4-track EP, Rave Savers, as each song has its own special qualities for everyone to enjoy who loves bass music. The boys have shown time and time again what they’ve been cooking up in the studio and it’s been nothing but absolute heaters. The release has been a successful start to the new year for the duo and Disciple Round Table.


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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