Starting 2020 off STRONG, Conrank and Mersiv have teamed up for the massive collab “NO!” OUT NOW on Circus Records.

The track starts off with the melody ping ponging in your eardrums back and forth as the beat slowly builds. The ease up of the sounds make you wonder what exactly is about to come? Well with the likes of Conrank and Mersiv you know its gonna be absolutely mind melting, and they do not disappoint when the first drops hits. A brief break is introduced so you can realign your thoughts and fully embrace the euphoric trip of the sounds combining together to form this wubby wonderment.  When the second drop hits I got flashbacks from Mount Wakaan, and The Primatology Tour, and knew instantly I’ve heard this track played out before and finally got the ID named. Check the man Conrank himself playing it out below!


Facebook | Twitter |Instagram |Soundcloud | Website


Facebook |Twitter |Instagram | Soundcloud |Website

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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