Written by: Erik Gonzalez

The popular Anjunabeats label has delivered us Gabriel & Dresden’s (Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden) highly anticipated album, Remedy. The duo, formed in San Francisco, completed this phenomenal project in their studio located in Spokane with the help of their 669 Kickstarter backers and their appreciation for nature. These 10 tracks capture the duos ability to combine deep emotions, strong vocals, and some of the highest quality synth sounds into an indie-spirited journey for its listeners.

Photo taken from Facebook.

Both “Keep On Holding,” feat U.K. based singer Jan Burton, and “Coming On Strong” has glided its way into Gabriel & Dresden’s sets over the last year including their ABGT 350 set recorded live in Prague (link here). Earlier this month, the group released a track from the album, called “Something Bigger,” before their worldwide release. The song features amazing vocals from SubTeal, who also appears on five other tracks on the album. All three of these songs truly highlight the emotive spirit the duo aimed at providing their fans throughout this project.

Photo taken from Facebook.

“No One’s To Blame” feat SubTeal and “Remember” feat Centre, both express the beauty of tranquility into their sounds. These two songs are an amazing start to their album because they harmonize with a melancholy beat that give us mesmerizing pieces perfect for Remedy.

“Falling Forward,” “Will I Change,”  and “All I’ve Got” are the three other tracks that feature SubTeal. While “Falling Forward” has a steady indie-pop tone, “All I’ve Got” holds a faster baseline with an emphasis on Gabriel & Dresden’s more timeless soundscape. “Will I Change” can be easily described as a mix of the two songs above layered with a somber melody, also one of the many songs on the album that show the uplifting essence in their music.

Lastly, the tracks, “Luna” and, one of my favorites, “Twelve,” are very similar in the way they were crafted. The duos freedom to create their expansive sounds is present in both tracks and can best be described as reflectors to the peace they captured through sound and nature around their lives in their Spokane studio.

Photo taken from Facebook.

The passion, beauty, and love that Gabriel & Dresden have created alongside the help of their incredible fans and featured artists are sure to lead it’s listeners through an emotional roller-coaster. Remedy is both a euphoric masterpiece and an incredible start for the duo’s 2020. Make sure to catch them soon on their Remedy Tour (hitting Houston Feb. 21) by clicking here to buy tickets and seeing all of Gabriel & Dresden’s tour stops. And of course, listen to Remedy now on the SoundCloud link below or click here to view all streaming portals.


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Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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