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Hailing from San Antonio, TX, Josh Martin is a photographer by day, for the U.S. Air Force, and by night he is Raddix a Hip Hop and EDM vocalist who produces his own unique frequencies, while staying true to the sound. What a double lifestyle. Raddix has been leaving his footprints all around and it’s caught our eye. We had to get to know the artist more our self.

His tracks caught the attention of some heavy hitters in EDM (Flux Pavilion and Marshmello) which lead to an influx of all eyes on Raddix. With these footprints, there have also been milestones in his journey to the top. Performing at Dancefestopia and sharing the stage with EDM legend Steve Aoki, this kid is not letting anything get in the way of his dreams and goals.

We got a chance to ask some questions and really pick at Raddix‘s brain. Please enjoy our interview with the producer below.

TRILLVO: Tell us a little more about yourself. Where did you grow up? What were some of your 1st musical experiences? What inspired you to get to where you’re at now?

Raddix: I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. I’ve always been involved with music in some way shape or form since I was eight years old. Whether it was playing guitar, drums, trombone, piano or even singing I’ve always had a love for music. When I think back I can remember getting an NSYNC album from a radio station booth that was posted up outside an Albertsons when I was six years old. 

My friend Jay Longoria actually got me into writing and helped me buy my first recording set up back in 2012. We would always talk about being the biggest artists in our city and making an impact on the community. He never got the chance to see all the cool things I accomplished over the past couple years because he got cancer and passed away after his 25th birthday. I miss him like crazy but I vowed I would never let anything stop me from making  that dream a reality. This past year I finally became one of the biggest artists coming out of San Antonio and I hope he’s looking down proud, all because of what he started. I honestly never thought I’d even make music, let alone get to the point I’m at now. But I keep pursuing this dream in memory of Jay and in hopes to make my hometown a better place for musicians to thrive and to not be afraid to pursue a career in music if that’s what they want in life.

TRILLVO: We’re starting and ending off the New Year pretty strong huh?!! With you being adopted by Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden and playing Freak Fest with Steve Aoki and Blaisè! What other things are in the works for Raddix?

Raddix: This year we have a lot in store including a tour in the works with stops across the US and potentially in other continents. We were recently asked to even play at Shaq’s Fun House in Miami at the end of January. I’ve always been a fan of Shaquille O’Neal and a lot of the other artists on the lineup so I was extremely excited to get the news.

TRILLVO: Recently mental health has had a spotlight, which is an amazing thing to start happening. We here at TRILLVO are big advocates of mental health and pursuing a healthy and happy lifestyle. What are some tricks you may have to cope with your own mentality? What’s been a difficult bump in the road to success that you’ve recently overcome with your tricks?

Raddix: I’ve struggled with mental health myself but I’ve found multiple ways to get myself back into the right mindset. Including going for hikes out in nature with my dog, listening to some of my favorite music or even just surrounding myself with good friends and family. I also try to have positive friends that really encourage me and push me to be better, keeping busy with making music for others also helps keep my head straight. A lot of these tricks help get my mind off of criticisms I may receive from fans and other artists alike. Being in the music industry can be cruel sometimes but I’ve learned that the people that make a positive impact are more meaningful than the ones that can be hurtful in my opinion. I’ve always been a strong believer in helping out one another and supporting people’s ambitions and goals.

TRILLVO: We have entered a whole new year, a new decade at that. That means more and more new music. How do you plan on taking your music to the next level? Tell us about a dream collaboration.

Raddix: I’m expanding my sound a lot this year including working with artists in other genres and incorporating new sounds in my music that I typically wouldn’t use together. My upcoming album at the end of this year will have influences from EDM, Rock, Blues and even Hip Hop. It would be a dream to make collaborations with Blackbear, Two Feet or even The Chainsmokers. I’ve always loved their choice in melodies, lyrics and the way you can feel it in your soul with their songs.

TRILLVO: Any parting words or message you wanna give to our readers and your fans?

Raddix: I hope all of us can come together and support one another’s goals, including the local artists and music community. It’s the beginning of a new year and decade. Also hydration is critical, everyone should be sure to maintain healthy water levels in 2020. Lastly, everyone goes through hard times, artists and fans alike – so in the new year and beyond I would love to see more people looking out for one another and being conscious of everyone’s individual circumstances.

It’s 2020, don’t let anything stop you from being Rad!

Be sure to check back in THIS Friday, 1.24.20, for our exclusive guest mix with Raddix! He packed it full of unreleased IDs for us all to preview the bright year he has planned ahead!

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