Written by Sina Watson

50 cent’s “Candy Shop,” is one of those classic jams that as soon as you hear that intro beat your body starts moving. And did anyone else memorize the lyrics at too young of an age only to find out later that 50 Cent¬†was NOT taking Olivia to the Candy Shop we were thinking?

from Galo’s Facebook

15 years since it’s release, Tampa Bay based producer Galo has remixed one of the sweetest songs off my middle school CDs. The song starts off with a high kick and deep sound before transitioning before we hear those memorable lyrics.¬† Using the “I’ll take you to the candy shop,” vocals over a thumping bassline, Galo manages to fuse both g-house and our memories together for a modern day sugar rush.

Add this one to your next house party set; the build up and drop is sure to hit the spot while satisfying everyone’s nostalgia.

Unlike the original version, you won’t have to use LimeWire to download this remix cause its available for FREE everywhere January 22, 2020. G2G going to update my AIM away message and crimp my hair while I jam out in my mirror.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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