Dion Timmer and Calcium joined together on a beautifully-made track called “Insane,” and I can’t help but love every single second. From the pre-drop to the drop to just the very beginning, everything felt connected and moved as one for my ears to smoothly digest. I quite literally can’t find the time to take it off replay.

The vocals hit on a deep, raw level to me, and Celestic‘s talent shines when it comes to an emotional piece. You can feel the emotion when she sings, and it gives this track feeling of relinquishment when you hit the drop, the voice has given up on what they want so bad. The way these vocals evoke emotion, and that destructive way the accompanying combination of pre-drop/drop sound, it’s like a puzzle with no missing pieces.

After giving their piece a listen, slap them with a follow on their socials and dig for even more tracks like “Insane!”

Connect with Dion Timmer

Spotify | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Connect with Calcium

Spotify | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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