Our FIRST mix of 2020 is OUT NOW with none other than San Antonio native Raddix. If you missed it, get to know all about him in our Artist Spotlight Article!


1. BoyPanda x Raddix- SHE
2. Svniivan x Raddix- In Motion
3. BLAIZE x Raddix x ADRN – Gettin Loud
4. BLAIZE – The Elephant (WILD) ft.Raddix
5. Cabuizee x Raddix- ID
6. Romen Jewels x Raddix- ID
7. Wknd Baes -Afraid ft. Raddix
8. BLAIZE x Raddix- Everything
9. Jorge Toscano x Raddix- ID
10. ADRN- Waiting ft. Raddix & Blackrozez
11. Jorge Toscano- Religion ft.Raddix
12. Jorge Toscano x Raddix- Lights off
13. Despotem x Fluxc- Stronger ft.Raddix

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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