By Sina Watson

The first time I heard “Forever Yours,” was four years ago at MY first Ultra Music Festival Miami. While it was a first for me, marking a milestone in my electronic music journey, it was a last for Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, making it his last Ultra set. The second time I heard it was about a year ago when a close friend sent me a link to the song pulled from his Ultra set. The song, among many of the other IDs from that set, quickly moved to the top of my Avicii playlist on SoundCloud. Sadly, I noticed a while back that when I went to listen to the song it had been taken down like many unofficially released songs do. I figured someone would put it back up soon.

Flash forward to four days ago when I see the following post on Kygo’s Instagram that with the help of Sandro Cavazza, the song will be released as a tribute to Avicii with all of the proceeds from the song being donated to the “Tim Bergling Foundation.”

While the track may sound different from its original Ultra debut, due to different equipment, the song is a beautiful tribute to Avicii’s vision. Following the from sad to happy and hopeful theme, common in many of Avicii’s songs. “Forever Yours,” begins with soul piercing lyrics, “every time I see your face, there’s a cloud hanging over you..”
before quickly transitioning to the hopeful lyrics “Oh, you should let me love you” and combined hopeful melody with the addition of a saxophone drop.

Sandro Cavazza uploaded a video to his YouTube, which tells the story of creating the song in Avicii’s honor posthumously. Sandro, who had previously worked with Avicii on “Without You,” talks about sharing the song with Avicii only a week before Ultra Music, while Kygo’s shares his reaction to hearing it live for the first time at Ultra. Perhaps the most emotional aspect of the video is listening to Kygo and Sandro exchange their inspirational Avicii stories and his impact on their lives. Avicii’s music and its ability to bring people together continues on, as shown through-out the video when both artists express their desire of wanting to work with each other.

Watch the full video below.

“Forever Yours,” is a true testament to the sentiment that while our lives may be short and surprising, music and memories will live on forever. Avicii we’ve been thinking of you..forever yours.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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