Written by Haley Darbonne

When it comes to an artist like Ekali, the sky is the limit for how far one man will go with his talent. From every show to every track release, the time and effort put into creating the dynamic that is Ekali is one many have gotten to see from the beginning. Nathan Shaw, Ekali presents to the world, A World Away.

Diving into the album was more fun than anyone could understand, each song had it’s own clarity and personality than the next. “Fairy Tale” by both Ekali and Elohim was straight out of a children’s story book. With melodic beats and vocals, but cryptic lyrics all wrapped into one. One of my favorite lines from this track, “how could my heaven be sitting so close to my hell?” Now, something about the song “Runaway [feat. Reo Cragun]” gives me OG Ekali vibes. The Ekali that experimented with Flume for all the right reasons. The beats soar above and beyond as they collab with the vocals of Reo Cragun. At first glance, I didn’t think I would be a fan because of the rap artist being the vocals, but it clearly was part of the track for a the right reasons. However, for a hypnotic beat, “Braids” is as if you are falling further and further down the rabbit hole with each second that passes in the track.

Tracks from the album such as, “Drown [feat. Au/Ra], Faithless, Flow Through Me and Hard To Say Goodbye (feat. Chloe Angelides)” defiantly noted to be something of the most beautiful craftsmanship on the album. However, one song’s title makes me wonder what it means? “To a Friend (Interlude)” was quite frankly adorable of a tune, but I am curious if there is anything behind the title’s description. However, back to the future bass with “Back To You [feat. Kiiara]” which deems with am energetic beat. Another future bass babe favorite comes from “Be Fine [feat. Wafia]” which is always a breath of fresh air when it comes to Wafia and her powerful vocals.

Saving the best for last comes from “Power” by both Ekali and Nitti Gritti, as this track sends us straight into a Stranger Things episode and into the Upside Down. The track explodes into multiple different beats that left even me in shock for how GREAT it was. By the second half of the song, I was in full trap head mode. Another masterpiece on this album was “Cage” by both Ekali and Mossy. This track was not your average Ekali banger either as it builds into a glorious House/Techno track that I can only describe as being some of his finest work.

Ekali set the bar for himself in this album, one that I do not believe many others will even try to reach. With no set sub genre on this album, you can get a little bit of everything with listening to this 12 track artwork. Going into this album, I didn’t know what i was getting myself into other than just listening to an artist that I admire, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize this album is remarkable on all platforms. Each track left me more and more speechless and ready for the next surprise, as I myself got lost in the music. That alone is surprising to say the least. Ekali’s A World Away, is something special.

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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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