Noisia’s name brings a lot of respect when it comes to music, as you know everything they touch is pretty close to being gold. Their new track, “Decloak” is no exception to this rule. Combining wubby synths with an absolute army of drums, Noisia once more delivers destructivity straight to your eardrums.

Starting out hypnotic and almost mystical, “Decloak” quickly introduces the drums you’ll get to know over the course of the next 4 minutes. The loud, dark bass combined with the holy choir vocal should now have you prepared for just how insanely full of dark and scary noises this track is. Noisia‘s “Decloak” can only be explained best by describing it as when DnB meets the synth from Annihilation while you’re exploring a forbidden church.

The track is actually one of five they made for the soundtrack to the video game Armajet, which is self decribed as a “real-time, synchronous multiplayer shooter.” The work on the project can be best described from Noisia’s own caption on the soundtrack, taken from Soundcloud. 

Armajet is a game with its roots in 90’s twitch shooters. Hardcore, unforgiving, instant, inhuman.
The match with our music was obvious. We didn’t have to work out much about what it needed to sound like.
The music we made for it isn’t purely about Armajet itself, though. A lot of other elements come through: the frustration over our breaking up, my personal attachment to to 90/00’s twitch shooter genre (UT99 specifically), the 90’s trance sound of detuned saw arps, and the developing 3D game graphics of the time: futuristic, unnatural and new.
The music reflects these 90’s gamer kicks; seeking the maximum challenge, speed, reflexes, resolution, framerate, information density, eyes wide open from energy drinks, falling asleep on your keyboard at a LAN party. How fast can my brain go, how much can I take. What has now arguably become a chronic disease for everyone with a smartphone back then was the rush we were after. Nailing that impossible shock combo or headshot in a flow state, watching each other discover seemingly inhuman levels of mastery in a different reality. The digital frontier.
We hope you enjoy the music. And GLHF ❤

If you aren’t already, make sure to follow Noisia on their socials below. Their last year being together is this year, and you don’t want to be the one missing out on what’s going to be one wild year from the trio!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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