Written by Haley Darbonne

Who’s ready for some wicked beats that make you howl at the moon? Hex Cougar lays it all out with his new EP, Under the Light of a Dying Moon. Six tracks that will set you on fire and make you want more as each track is it’s own entity of insanity.

Most the time when we hear intro’s or interlude tracks its nothing more than a few extra clips the artist threw together. Hex Cougar opens the EP with “Haunted (Intro)” and it is nothing less than what the the title says as well being a trap beauty all on its own, breaking that norm. “Hourglass (with josh pan)” is an out of this world unique of a track; especially hearing josh pan himself on vocals. However, “Drowning in my Dreams (feat. Luma) is a favorite with its trippy drop that reminds me of water dripping from a sink in a techno remix.

I think why this album is so geared in the right direction for me is because of the love of trap/techno that is intertwined into every track. Especially with tracks like “Sacrifice (feat. Ruby Red) and “Burn (feat. Pauline Herr)” that also tell stories within their lyrics and set an entire mood for the tracks. When it comes to the best of the best, my favorite track on the album is “Altar (Interlude) [feat. Sarah de Warren]. The song channels a whole different vibe as the song comes into play and the vocals begin. The track builds into a melodic trap drop and continues into a loop of the soothing/haunting beat.

This EP was dark and beautiful, as it showed another side of Hex Cougar and his work. Being an artist many know, but do not know a lot about, this man has a lot to offer in his music, and Under the Light of a Dying Moon is a promise of sheer talent.

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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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