Article Written by Nathen Lane

The sudden announcement from Porter Robinson about an upcoming album/track release has literally given everyone another reason to keep living.

The entire electronic community has been ecstatic on waiting for this first release off of Porter Robinson’s second studio album, Nurture.

The song is absolutely beautiful. Porter truly poured his heart out and you can see his emotion flowing through this first song. I’m very excited to see what comes along with the rest of the tracks on the album. With the whole community chiming in to see what Porter has been up to lately; it is without a doubt this album will be one for the books.

The premiere video that was just released with the release of the first song, “Get Your Wish,” and has truly took his fan-base by storm. The video starts off with Porter sitting in an illuminated mini pool of water and a mic, as the luminous blue cloudy skies pass behind him. You can see the emotions flowing through him and the song with the different color tones throughout the video; really bringing his emotions to life.

Porter continues time and time again his passion for what he does.. and this album will be one for us all to remember forever. Lets take a look at Porter’s own words to what exactly the song means to him.


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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