written by Victoria Garces

BAINBRIDGE releases his much anticipated debut EP on Disciple’s Round Table (DRT). The EP contains 4 tracks as listed: Genesis, Immortals VIP, Soul Feast and Deceiver Feat. Atarii. The EP itself has gained massive support from huge artists such as Excision, 12th Planet, ATLiens, Bandlez, Calcium and many more. He sneak peeked some of his amazing mixing abilities and new tracks in a recent Medieval Mix on DRT just yesterday!

The first track Genesis was the first to form the EP and it had its debut at EDC Las Vegas during Excision’s Mainstage performance. Since then, he’s kept this heavy hitter tune in his sets during the remainder of 2019, being played at festivals such as Lost Lands, Bass Canyon and on tour.

from BAINBRIDGE’s Facebook

Immortals was originally released on “Knights of the Round Table Volume 3”. The track made it all the way to Disciple’s Main label as a re-release on their compilation album titled “Dragonborn.Immortals was played by a slew of artists in 2019 at many major festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Shambhala, Ever After, Lost Lands, Ilesoniq, and more. With Immortals being one of BAINBRIDGE’s top tracks, he decided to hit people with the VIP of the track, which has been featured on 12th Planet‘s radio show, “Swamplex Radio”, and it slaps JUST as hard showing the full range of BAINBRIDGE‘s production level.

Soul Feast has that melodic build up we love into a heavy hitting drop that just captivates you. The sound design is prominent in this one as BAINBRIDGE‘s technicality radiates through out. The fast paced, almost hard style break in the middle keeps the drive and momentum going. Whilst finishing off with wubby vibes that take it to the next level. This track received massive support from ATLiens as they played it out at EDC Orlando.

Deceiver feat. Atarii rounds out the EP with a stellar vocal performance by Atarii. It ties the EP together perfectly with the vision and conveying the emotions, feelings, and meaning behind the entire BAINBRIDGE brand.

Demons – dark, depression, anxiety, sadness.
They can take on many forms.

Angels – light, peace, calm, tranquility, happiness.
They can take on many forms.

Someone once told me, our time on this earth is like a water drop in the ocean of eternity. But I’ll be damned if I don’t make my time count.

This is a battle we all fight every day, inside and out. In a world with so much evil, we need more good.

But… one cannot exist without the other. In order for there to be good, there must be evil.

So… which side will you choose?

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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