The MASSIVE collab that has been teased for MONTHS by both artists is finally here. Out on Welcome Records; label owner Kayzo teams up with Lil Texas to teach us the “Rules of the Game.”

Wasting no time right out the gate were met with a mash up of drums, glitches and vocal samples to build up the hype, as if the combo of Kayzo and Lil Texas needed anymore hype. The two Texas bois make everyone feel the humid heat the second the beat drops. If that drop doesn’t make you immediately jump, pound a fist in the air, or even just make your body SHAKE…you may want to check your pulse. The track switches things up massively when Kayoz takes the reigns on this death cab. Introducing his signature sounds with a quick electric guitar riff; using rock elements is something Kayzo has truly made into his own. The track keeps you moving till the very end then laughs at how many calories it just made you burn.

We actually met up with Lil Texas back in October after he closed out Freaky Deaky. In our interview he discuss the track and working with Kayzo, so check out the interview to see his own words on the subject!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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