The long awaited dream collab by Riddim Gods, Trampa and MARAUDA, has finally arrived. Out on none other than Never Say Die: Black Label. MARAUDA has said in the past that Trampa is his idol, Trampa’s music is even what inspired him to start producing. So you know these two weren’t finna let us off easy on this one…

Slowing creepy up the anticipations an eminent siren slowly builds as the bass hits further tickling our senses of impeding doom. A voice comes in tempting the madness even further…”bring on the fucking ruckus.” The drop hits and toys with our emotions as it mockingly laughs at us and teases the music in and out. The break comes in as the vocals repeat their temptation for you to run wild and let it all go. The second drops hits even harder and will make your neck involuntarily snap from the induced head banging. The track ends telling us that’s exactly what these two super producers had in mind for this one – premeditated murder.


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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