Written by: Erik Gonzalez

After more than a year, Mat Zo has resurfaced via Anjunabeats to give us “The Next Chapter” we’ve desperately been waiting for. Mat Zo, real name Matan Zahar, is a London-born producer residing in LA that has one of the best complex and genre-fluid soundscapes when it comes to producing music. In fact, it hasn’t been too long since his last releases on other labels such as his own (Mad Zoo). Some of his recent singles include DnB hits “Blessed Be Thy Name” and “Games” (Click here for past track review over “Games”).

Taken from Facebook.

However, “The Next Chapter” is special in itself due to his beginnings as a producer laying in Trance and Anjunabeats. The track strikes up a sinister tone right from the start which slowly and hypnotically evolves itself into an enticing beat. Mat Zo’s use of darker elements in the track serve in sountracking a breakbeat-influenced style that he ties together with a feature sample from DnB legend MC GQ.

Taken from Facebook.

From Trance, to Electro, to Drum and Bass, Mat Zo is surely trailblazing his way as one of the leading artists in the music industry. It’s no surprise “The Next Chapter” has gained popularity from multiple artists and their sets including Above and Beyond and GenixBe sure to catch him on his upcoming tour “The Next Chapter,” which is hitting a select number of cities. For a list of dates and tickets click here! Listen to “The Next Chapter” now below! Or click here to view all streaming portals available.

Connect with Mat Zo!

Soundcloud |Facebook |Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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