From taking on some of the biggest and heaviest bass tracks, to traveling the world for packed out crowds, Spag Heddy has made a huge impact on the scene and now he has graced us with an EP that truly brings us to our end. Dishing out five absolute heavy hitters, Armageddy is gold.

The track on the EP, “Stupid-O,” releases an absolute mayhem of sounds that drops into a massive dubstep anthem. The song quickens pace and goes into an interstellar momentum as if you’re in space. The next track on Armageddy, “Raise Ur Hands,” right off the bat completely makes you believe you are stuck in a video game while also being attacked by some absolutely wild bass drops. But then the “Bass Goes Boom” for some grade A quality headbanging noise. A minute into the song and it’s like you can actually see the lasers blasting off to the song in your head. Now “Dojo” has to be one of my favorite tracks on the EP, because you get some quality trap playing into the beat as well as, dare I say it, a tad bit of hardstyle? Music to my ears. And for the final track on this electrifying masterpiece, “Robot Song” takes the cake for the wonkiest and most in your face, as if saving the best for last.

Spag Heddy really went for the kill on this EP and did not hold back. Catch him on his upcoming tour!

Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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