Written by Sina Watson

Its been said probably a thousand times before that music moves us, but have you ever heard a song that made you immobile? The moment the alluring vocals and exquisite  melody of Attlas’ “Hotel,” meandered into my ears, I became motionless.

There is something both fascinating and haunting in the the lyrics and melody of “Hotel.”  MAYLYN’s longing echo, “Ya I’m counting, but I can’t walk out,” is the only vocal heard in the entire song. Upon hearing the line for the first time I couldn’t help but wonder if she was just as trapped and stuck just like myself. As I laid there trying to determine where or why she couldn’t leave, the vocals quickly faded into a whispering echo while I became consumed with the wonderous melody.

Not only did this track leave me immovable after I heard it the first time, but then I discovered  the equally as beautiful visualizer and remained anchored to my bed for another 30 minutes as I gazed upon its display on my projector.

Lavender God, is Canadian producer Attlas‘ debut album on mau5trap.With it he demonstrates his meticulous roots he’s carefully curated over the last 5 years, while giving us a glimpse into his future. Each song on the album is paired with a a dazzling visualizer, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves inside them. The genius visual artist behind these pieces, Thomas Moore, or iamcylco is known for creating worlds and exploring dimensions.

Immobilize yourself while listening to “Hotel,” and the rest of Attlas’ album below.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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