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Ascension – the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.


Liquid Stranger does it again, and in the best way possible. Ascension truly brings you on a TRIP from starting off with the pre-anxiousness all the way to the enlightening self-growth finish. Each track on the EP was given special care and is absolutely essential to the overall journey. Ascension is truly euphoria inducing so make sure you come prepared for the ride.

“The few and the brave willing to take the trip into the unknown, to know themselves.”

“Psychonaut” sets the feeling of anticipation, like you just ate some shrooms and this is the point of no return waiting for the magic to hit. The middle section is a straight trip that will have you bobbing your head along as the rabbit hole goes deeper into the Liquid Dimension. The song wraps up with an old school sounding public service announcement clearing up the definition of what exactly The Psychonauts are.

Ones mind is left open to the affects of the trip, regardless of the precautions we take to protect ourselves.

Psychonauts assemble.

Starting off as a straight vibe, water drips in the background tying the melody and bass together. The track makes me want to close my eyes and meditate. The build up comes in un-expecting of where the track is going…of course it has ascended up in the air…the wubs hit setting the space vibe as the soul astral projects through the cosmos. The expanse of the unknown’s wonderment can be felt as the middle section speeds up and the melody ping pongs from left to right, as if one is looking around in complete awe.

Things start off a little uneasy as tension builds up on this collab with LUZCID. This sounds like a marching anthem of The Psychonauts. As if a bad vibe is threatening the Wakaaniverse and the team must assemble to fight for the power of positivity.  The second drop is this full force being unleashed and blasting through the space time continuum to erase all negativity and set a new standard; one of happiness, acceptance and understanding.

The Psychonauts and Hydraulix arm the space cannons on this one. Wasting no time what so ever to get right into a groove. The track quickly builds up to offer absolute mayhem of the most beautiful kind. Another one that will keep your head bobbing along to the vibe as it twists, turns and flips your perception of reality all around. The unique sounds in the second drop underlayingly hidden in the lower frequencies were of particular spiciness to my eardrums.

“Sunken Technology” is a masterpiece of a collab from two higher level beings, Liquid Stranger and LSDREAM. An exploratory tone is set early on as we dive into the uncharted depths of sonic frequencies. Sounds of wonderment twinkle through as the voyage pushes on before briefly pausing to give us safety instructions for departing from our vessel. Stepping out into the unknown the beat re-activates and the adventure starts a new chapter. You really get a true sense of exploration as the beat goes on dipping in and out here and there briefly as if experiencing signal loss from straying too far from the ship. Each new sounds that comes in feels as if a new life form or ancient artifact has just been discovered – the “Sunken Technology.” The song ends in a beautiful fade out into nothingness giving you the time to fully think and appreciate all the unknown as a true gift.


Image  from LSDREAM Facebook

Completing the psychedelic experience “Over n Out” starts off with a feeling of understanding. A feeling as if you have just discovered a new part of yourself, a new piece to the puzzle that is you, a fulfilling lesson learned. This is an easy one to close your eyes to and meditate the stress of life away to. The song lets you know it is ok to feel. Take what you have experienced and learn from it, grow from it and then release it and continue on the journey of you.

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