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Michael Placencia

There were true rave vibes this past Saturday night at Stereo Live Houston, and i_o was the man of the hour. Well, 3 and a half hours to be exact. That’s right, i_o continued his Tour 444 strong at his Houston stop, and what a show it was.


The vibe at Stereo Live was well set for the night, both inside and outside on the patio. Every dj was keeping up the energy and expanding upon it as the night grew later. Once i_o came on at 12:30 A.M., the rest was history. The intro he provided, along with kicking off the show with Rave 444 was the best way to hype up the night. The crowd was absolutely packed!

If you’re an i_o fan true to the core, then you’ll have most certainly been pleased at how he played nearly every EP and single he’s released thus far. Lucky for us, his NRG EP dropped the day before, so we were just on time to receive this new batch of tracks and experience them in full. He even played his remix of deadmau5’s “Strobe,” and it was beautifully dark. A good thing to note is that i_o also tends to play a lot of his own IDs within his sets, so there was more than enough new music to go around.


But amongst the 1 and a half hr set i_o played that was expected of him, no one was prepared for him go on past 2 A.M. That’s exactly what he did. What made the experience even better was how big the crowd was, and how no one refused to leave. The crowd itself didn’t start to thin out until 3AM. But by 4, only the devoted remained. Never have I witnessed a set that long before, but the beauty of the experience was that you literally got lost in the music.

That’s what was so special about that night. And also what sets shows like this apart from others. None of us expect for an artist we love to show this much love to us back. And as if a three and a half hour set wasn’t enough, i_o agreed to play one last song that will never be released, and it sounded so beautifully serene. The best thing about an i_o set is that you never know what to expect, or what you’re going to get. We can’t wait to feel that same feeling again the next time he’s in town. This is what it truly means to rave.

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