For our February 2020 Local Lowdown Edition of In The Mix we bring you none other than Big Wurm! If you missed it, get to know all about him in the interview we did for the mix!

Excision and Wooli – Lockdown
Oski – Whippet (Aweminus Remix)
Cybertron x Azabim x Glockz – JagerWomb
Kompany – Skullcrack
Hi Im Ghost – Deathrail
Detrace – Blast Off
Ganon x Akeos – B.I.D.
Ganon – Lazergame
Duffey – Beware
Akira – Scottish Warlord (Nexu5 Aussie Warlord Remix)
Phiso – Pattern Screamer
Naifer – Double Raptor Neptunia Passout Blockz Hydro Syndrome
Infekt – Prismalorg (Dobza Edit)
Hukae – Dirty Talk
Aweminus – Thot Eliminated VIP
Infekt – Captain Crunch
Prime x Wiguez – Antihuman (Zetta Remix)
Automhate – Volt VIP
Senri – Canada
Neonix – Puppet
YDG – Black Easter (Lev3l Remix)
OG Nixon – Choppa
Brikz x Kammo – Headspace
Phaseone x Subtronics – Demon Hunter
Benzmixer – R28D (Laetus Remix)
Kompany x Wooli – Bussback
Big Wurm – ID
Izzy Vadim – Sleep Paralysis (Big Wurm Remix)
Gapz – Breach
Big Wurm – Wurmsuo (Yasuo Bootleg)
Dr P – Big Boss (Tantrum x Kleaver Goopleg)
Versa – Welcome Tune
Zetta – Brain Damage
Mvrda – Croaks
Nannobass – Fragments
Mvrda – Ball Licker
Chibs x Yakz – Trippin
Mastadon – Death Pit
Nektic – Game Over
Trippl3 – Danger
Phiso – Close Combat
Subfiltronic – Reload (Ayonikz Ultra Reload) (Stayns Bootleg)
Automhate – Evolution
Vulgatron – Blind ft Oddprophet
Horizontal – Far
Big Wurm – Casike
Versa – Angry
Dobza – Auctor
Warned – Time2DIE
Saigga – Worry
Big Wurm – ID
Subfiltronik! – Passout (Pink Diamond Acoustic Cover)

Big Wurm
Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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