Kosmic Kingdom, which takes place yearly in Des Moines, Iowa at Sleepy Hollow Renaissance Park, just dropped their 2020 lineup and…DAMN…is it stacked. The Kingdom is definitely keeping the Kosmic vibes with  bringing in the Wakaan Royal Family; Space Jesus, Peekaboo and LSDREAM topping out the bill. Rusko will also be sitting up on the council of headlining kings providing his uniquely classic dubstep sounds for everyone to get wonky to.

The true draw though, besides those kings, is the INSANE lineup that makes up the council of Lords and Ladies. We’re especially looking forward to catching Tynan, Tvboo, Khiva, Au5, Toadface, Zia and sFam. Though pretty much all of them are a set not worth missing out on.

This is definitely a fest your gonna want to get to as soon as the gates open. The level of talent that is sure to entertain early on in the days is difficult to even put into words…so lets just call it a Renaissance of Wub.

If all that wasn’t enough the Spicy Bois will be out in full effect as well doing their thing with a takeover of the realm.


Tickets are already on sale and early birds have already sold out, so make sure you grab yours up quick! This is one camping festival you don’t want to miss!


Kosmic Kingdom takes place May 29-30th, 2020 in Des Moines, IA at Sleepy Hollow Renaissance Park.

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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