Written by Victoria Garces

KNOTZ is proud to present you his debut 3 track EP, The Neapolitan EP. The Neapolitan album is about showcasing the diversity and fluidity in the KNOTZ identity and persona. He specializes in making music that inspires you to go out of your comfort zone and kind of create your own genre. Originally announced in 2019, the 2 tracks off the EP, ‘FINESSE (feat. Jimi Ohh)’ and ‘LSHYD’, were released ahead of the 3rd and final “STROKE BUD” track. Today we have all 3 flavors ready for you to stream!

FINESSE is a collab with Houston local producer Jimi Ohh. Together, they produced a funky banger that gets you on your feet! This vocal forward banger showcases both Jimi Ohh’s and KNOTZ‘ diversity, stating they ‘don’t have much, but we got FINESSE‘.

LSHYD‘ is an acronym for Let’s See How You Do. Continuing being a f*ck genre producer, KNOTZ goes more on the Electro side of things with this one. The heavy synths really carry the track and the vocals, done by KNOTZ himself, are really catchy. I find myself constantly singing LSYHD.

The last track ‘Stroke Buds‘ has a funny back story. If you know, you know. The track features both male and female vocals. Both asking you for a fun night out together. I’ll probably be using these lines in the future, it seemed to work for some. The vibey track has a very sweet treat the the end of it, so be sure to listen to the FULL track.


To get a better idea of KNOTZ diverse sets and multi-genre vibes, check out the newest mix off his UNTIED series.


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Posted by:Victoria Garces