Written by: Michael Placencia


i_o has returned for 2020, and he’s brought forth the second out of his three project EPs. This one is aptly titled: NRG. If his previous EP was all about raving, then this one is definitely about keeping up that momentum. In this EP you’ll find another four tracks, ready to wet your Techno-craving appetite. Get ready, because this EP is made to make you move.

Photo Credit: Forbes.com

NRG starts off with “Another Level,” which has that perfectly dark pulsating sound we’ve grown used to hearing from i_o. “I be on another level, so dope I be illegal…” That vocal sample that keeps the track going on a foot-stomping road to glory is the backbone of what the theme of this entire EP is. Energy. And it’s this type of energy that’ll make any shuffler move their feet with glee. The second drop only adds to the intensity, with those laser-like, airhorn-infused sounds penetrating the soundscape. “Dancing 2020” only continues this hype with those kicks, snares and claps really work interchangeably well with one another.

Photo Credit: theelectrichawk.com

“Parental Advisory” is the odd one of the bunch, but in a good way. It’s a track that’s meant to be tucked away deep within an extended Techno set. The booming sound of the kicks in this one are to die for. Finally, we have “This Is Rave” to close out the EP. My only grievance with this track is that I wish it were longer, but it still delivers nonetheless. It has that classic rave feel. The type of vibe that you’d get being surrounded by hundreds of people in a dark warehouse deep in the heart of Chicago.

NRG is sure to reignite your inner raver from head to toe. And right now you can experience this EP and more live with i_o’s 444 tour. He’s deep in the thick of his tour right now, which is all the more reason to go see him. Check to see if he’s coming to a city near you by following his socials below. And stay tuned for his third and final EP of his 444 project. We hear it’ll be more melodic, which will give us a really different side to i_o the likes of which we have yet to see. We can’t wait to see what this mysterious, yet extraordinary artist will give us next.


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