Written by Sina Watson

Chicago born and bred producer Mielo is jump starting the new year and decade with his newest song “A Lesson in Waking Up,” which he first premiered during his most recent mini mix for Electric Hawk. “A Lesson in Waking Up,” gives us a glimpse into the next steps of the 24-year-old producer’s musical journey as he further transitions into a more indie pop sound while still maintaining a four on the floor dance beat.

The song features vocals from Mariya Stoeva, making it their second release together after the two first collaborated last July for “Motion.” Their latest collaboration illustrates a more mature sound for both artists as evident in the lyrical and synthesizing depth heard through-out.

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“A Lesson in Waking Up,” tells the all too familiar tale of not truly understanding how insignificant things can be sometimes, especially when we are younger. The lyrical story line depicts the main character’s attempts in tackling the clutter inside their head which can often be compared to a deep slumber, before waking up and realizing the minor impact of the thoughts inside their head.

The song begins with Mariya’s stunning vocals as she bellows “I tried to clean the mess, the mess inside my head. But I was sleeping, Oh so heavy I wish it was a dream.” She continues to express the frustrations of being stuck inside your head and the repercussions of it (missed calls, silence, loss of logical thinking.) Mielo‘s music perfectly compliments the lyrics by transitioning into a hopeful message and melody where the narrator awakens from their dreamy sleep.

I never thought I’d feel this way
Never thought I’d be okay but,
Waking up feels good today.
I’m sorry how you felt that day

For those of you who might be suffering from seasonal depression during this time of the year, “A Lesson in Waking Up,” is a pleasant reminder to stay optimistic.

Wake up and listen to “A Lesson in Waking Up” below.

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Connect with Mariya Stoeva

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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