Houston’s very own Xwire, the man behind tracks like “Guiltless” and “Zima Blue;” a collab with  Mael, just dropped his new track “e-Death” and it should’ve came with a warning label. Featuring deadly drops and a build-up that you could die for, “e-Death” is full of sounds that will make your ears twitch. He released the track to celebrate 1k likes on Coundcloud, so make sure you add to the love. Press the play button, sit back, and unwind to the sounds of heavy dubstep and bass in your face, all courtesy of Xwire.

The introduction greets you with some throw-back festival horns, and it’s easy to get caught in the nostalgia. Fair warning, however, you will not be ready for this drop to hit if you’re still day-dreaming about the time you hit your very first festival and being greeted by similar horns during the trap era. Xwire‘s use of your waifu’s deadly warning only amplifies the destruction you find yourself in not even 5 seconds later. However, if you thought that was scary, wait until you find yourself energized by the second drop. What. A. Piece.

If you’re finding yourself with some neck problems, don’t worry! You can find yourself some more Xwire through his socials linked below, as well as finding top tier graphic design work.

Connect with Xwire

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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