Written By: Erik Gonzalez

J. Worra and Codes have teamed up for their latest single “Bounce Back,” featuring catchy vocals from Sophiegrophy. This song aims at encouraging others that feel knocked down to, just like the title says, “Bounce Back” and finish strong. It combines a funky rap verse from Nigerian artist Sophiegraphy with boundless tech-house energy from both producers to form a smooth but wonky tune. The drops in the track also elevate its rhythmic baseline and is sure to leave the dance floor banging with a fresh new sound that you’ll want more of. The track, released on Gorgon City‘s Realm label, showcases both of the producers expertise and strong connection with the underground House scene.

Though both producers have surely been catching the attention they deserve, there’s no doubt their unique and dynamic sounds will continue making groundbreaking waves within the music industry. Listen to the track now via the SoundCloud link below!
Be sure to catch Codes at his next show, or catch J. Worra on her Just BeCause Tour where she has agreed to donate to local charities. Each ticket purchased will donate $2 to a local charity, while J. Worra herself will also be making a personal donation from profits made through her festival gigs to the Trevor Project. Below is all the stops she will be making alongside other incredible producers such as Steve Darko and John Summit!
Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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