Things got a little STRANGE at the SOLD OUT Houston stop of the Liquid Stranger Ascension Tour last night. About midway through the night there was quite the curious commotion in the commodes. A man was seen falling through the ceiling of the venue in the restrooms. He then nonchalantly proceed to wash his hands calmly then disappear into the night inside the venue to the wompy wubs of Stranger.

When venue staff with Virtuosos Entertainment was notified they simply said well if he went to all that trouble to see the show, you gotta let em stay in.

“Bro if he got in like that I’m not looking for him, he deserves to be in here…. You did that!”

– Johnny Bund, Owner of Virtuosos

The Ascension Tour rolls on through April so check the tour stops below and make sure you secure your tickets early so you dont have to pull a Tom Cruise ala Mission Impossible!

If you havent heard the Ascension EP be sure to check out our in-depth review of it!


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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