Stratus is a name you should definitely get to know now if you do not already. He’s already had deals with ULTRA records, a feature on an OWSLA and many more achievements and original tracks under his belt already. So let’s dive right into his latest album Everything Goes Black OUT NOW on Subcarbon Records.

Starting off with a sinister tone the albums title track, “Everything Goes Black,” quickly builds up the hype one “blah” at a time. The tempo speeds up to insanity before the drop smashes in and makes your body groove with the bass. A car engine revs up in the background as the middle section comes in to offer you a chance to go grab some water and rehydrate before the next drop of pure bass bliss.

Continuing the tension filled beginnings “Sheer Brute Force,” a collab with Subdocta, is quickly flipped on its head with fast paced lyrics building up to that sweet sample “here’s another example of sheer brute force” and the track does exactly that. There is a program malfunction and the track goes through a system reboot building back up to its second example of brutal force bass as it assaults your eardrums in the best of ways.

This one starts with almost a house feel before it builds up to offer a fully-fledged rail break inducing drop. I can easily imagine a full squadron of headbangers destroying a rail to this one at a festival. Then the second drop comes in a fully fulfills all that house it has been teasing throughout the track with a full on bop that would make any shuffler move, “Amusia” truly has something for everyone.

Moving things back to the dark side quickly “Move N Skrt” sets the mood and delivers a fast paced drop that bounces and glitches about making your entire body want to move along. The EP rounds out its journey of sonics with “Only Now” a new play on infamous sample which has been used in other tracks like Jaytech’s of the same name and LSDREAM’s collab, “Phoenix,” with Varien. The tracks starts off in a zen state and the drops opens up the door of enlightenment for you to vibe along with. A perfect ending to an already amazing album.


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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