For the first time since 2013, the Electronic Music community’s resident dog lover, Protohype has graced us with an album. With the intensity of these songs and the level of greatness being brought by the respective collaborators, Open World is guaranteed to rock yours.


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Set Me Free (with Charmae)



If you have ever listened to “Run Cried the Crawling,” one of Protohype’s previous tracks in his discography, then the vocalist’s voice will sound familiar. This is Charmae’s second collaboration with Protohype, and it’s just as good as before. Beautiful synth melodies are drizzled throughout the track like chocolate syrup on an ice cream sundae. If the melodies are the chocolate syrup, then the heavy dubstep drop is the ice cream. Overall, “Set Me Free” is a nice, tasty treat.

Open World (With Luma)



The title track, “Open World” is an entrancing melodic 4 minute journey, guided by a vocally charismatic Luma. This song in particular makes the whole album feel completely diversified, and really shows the range that Protohype and Luma both have.


Photo by [₳M₱]

What It Is (With Born I)



This is the hardest track on the entire album, hands down. It was difficult to narrow down which one it was because there were a few that were insanely heavy. “What It Is” takes the cake. Production-wise and on an engineering level the track is amazing, and could’ve taken the cake alone, but what really gave this song that title was Born I’s hard hitting and lyrically unique rap lyrics.

Automatic (With Shlump)



Any track with Protohype is a hit, and any track with Shlump is a hit. What do you get when you combine both? Four minutes of absolute madness. Bumpin bass and over the top production value is key in songs produced by both Protohype and Shlump so it isn’t that hard to imagine that they’d be perfect together in a collaborative track. What they gave with “Automatic” is above and beyond any conceivable expectation anyone would have. To sum up this song, it is an absolute banger.

Check out the FULL album Open World below



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