Written by: Michael Placencia

Been on the search for a new artist lately? Look no further than Maison Ware.

One of Mau5trap‘s newest additions, Maison is here to make a bold new statement on sound. His debut track with Mau5trap, “Shibuya,” was included on the label’s We Are Friends Vol. 9 album. Now he’s taking things even further (and darker) with his new Mind EP. The way “Mind” starts off is absolutely beautiful. Shudderingly beautiful may we add. “I’m in your mind…” the vocal adds to the theme of the track very well. With those dark winding melodies. “Satisfy” lives up to its name, as the vocal blends well with that dark baseline. The entire track has a grim backdrop, but that’s just the way we like it. As is expected from a Mau5trap release these days.

Photo courtesy of Mau5trap.com

Maison Ware may just have started his career with Mau5trap, but we’re eager to see where he takes us next. We’ll surely be along for the dark, twisted ride.

For more Maison Ware, follow him on his socials below



Posted by:michaelplacencia

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