SWARM‘s latest EP, Eat Me Alive, dropped a couple days ago and I’ve had it on replay ever since. The dark, chaotic, and breath-taking EP is so full to the brim with emotion and stories that I couldn’t blame you if you found yourself stuck on replay as well. The EP flows so smoothly throughout a whole listening session, and each track also feels like it carries some sort of message and feeling. At times, I was left just grooving out completely immersed in it all. Eat Me Alive is quite the amazing experience.

Leading the EP is “Foreshadow,” where SWARM and Soundr combine on one decidedly scary, sinister opening. By fusing the dark story you’ll be told with the production talent and emotion, it doesn’t take very much indulging before you feel yourself almost being pulled in and out of sections of the piece. Without a doubt, the two create a perfect gem of an entrance into the astounding EP that is Eat Me Alive.

“Devour Me” comes next, and clearly with a goal in hand. What exactly is devouring you could be different from the next person, but I definitely got a feeling of anxiousness from listening. I would even go so far as to say that the feeling was a deliberate move from SWARM, but who knows? Whatever the case, “Devour Me” is getting it’s replay button bruised.

“All Hope Is Lost”

Yeah, I don’t know. It’s so amazingly dark, just barely tinged with decay, slightly sautéed with abnormality, and they all three combine into something just so absolutely otherworldly. This is one of those tracks you just have to press play on and listen for yourself, it’s seriously that good.

“Black Hole”

An eerie environment is set right off the bat, and the drop is absolutely deadly. The vocal line after the two, however, is what really caught my ear. An innocent voice paired with the darker meaning behind the words she speaks leading into the second drop makes this track feel amplified at each point, and that second drop really puts that on full display. Black Hole is deadly, destructive, and a complete diamond.

“Eat Me Alive”

The echoing matched with the constant scratches of radio static is an interesting choice, but is executed expertly and flows so smoothly into Soundr’s vocal line that I can’t help but get caught in “Eat Me Alive.” There is so much to digest here, and so many different, unique, amazing combinations that this track has that makes this the stand-out for me. From everything this EP made you feel up to this point, “Eat Me Alive” amplifies it all to 11 and keeps you enthralled in one twisted track.

Make sure to keep up with SWARM’s antics over on his socials, where you’ll find hilarious sketches and interesting takes on all things.. dark.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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