TING, hailing out of Canada, is a name I barely just discovered today. He has been making tunes for over two years now, so I am not too sure how he slipped under my radar so much but I am here now to bring him onto yours! I discovered him while building up our monthly Space Wubs Spotify playlist and knew instantly I NEEDED to cover the entire Beyond The Veil EP; which came out just a few days ago.


Image taken from TING Facebook

Starting off with what sounds like some DnB elements layered underneath, the title track “Beyond the Veil,” drums quickly build with a deep vocal sample that twists the tone perception on its head. The beat switches to some deep growls that will make you wanna drop it low. The track is easy to move to…but don’t get too comfy. About half way through TING flips the tracks perception of reality on its head once again, introducing some aggressive tones on top. It climax’s into that DnB beat that was teased at the beginning…but the tracks ends with EVEN MORE genre bending.

“Sleep Cathedral” was the track I first found TING to while I was crusin’ the Spotify realm tryna find tracks to add to our weekly updated Space Wubs playlist. The track starts off with the feeling of someone who has finally just managed to doze off after hours off laying up in bed wishing just for that. As the sleep slowly sets in the dream world begins to build in the drums as once again perceptions are challenged. When the REM  cycle fully takes over the track flips, turns and bounces all around from every possible angle to arrive at your eardrums, ensuing pure nightmare bliss.

“The Four Horsemen of Acapulco” starts off tinkering and glitching about with some retro sounding noises playing around like a hacked game of pong. The sounds glitch back and forth as the bass builds up to a chill drop that will make your body sway. The melody is pitched up as the bass gets cut out to create a playful tension before bring the bass back in to create the evocative groove that this track emulates.

I already knew “Thrine Eternal” was gonna be a trip when I stared at the artwork too long and it started moving on its own… An eerie mood is set at the beginning as some drums rock out underneath until the build hits. With the tones and sounds you think you know where this track is going but it constantly takes a HARD left turn to take that expectation elsewhere. There is a nice melody that is introduced to close out the song that I wish was a bit more developed, it had me wanting more!


Image taken from TING Facebook

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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