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In the mist of the lingering ‘Rona scare, Champagne with Friends still happened March 12th, at the Summit venue in Austin, Texas. A collaboration of Limelight Events, Subsonix, and Nocturnal Waves.

Photo from Nocturnal Waves Twitter

The event starts early at 6p with OG Larry he plays a set to warm up the stage while the crowd begins to trickle in. During his set of a variety of different tracks I got to talk to Mize (aka Ian) for a bit before his set, he mentioned he was spending his birthday (March 14th) in Austin and signed a jersey for me before leaving to get ready for his set.

As the sun begins to set, the crowd hastily tights to the front as Mize (aka Ian from Dothan, Alabama) begins. He uses his hour long set blending hits like “Stay Fly”- Three 6 Mafia, “Tia Tamera”- Doja Cat, “Bees in the Trap”- 2 Chains & Nikki Minaj, & “My Chain”- Gucci Mane. Somewhere in the middle i met a nice person named Julian who have a pin bc we were both wearing G-Space pins.(Thanks Julian!) Needless to say Mize set had a fun time and the whole crowd moving, he really is a natural at blending old school with a fresh new feel. He ends his set with a remix of “Feel So Close”- Calvin Harris and “Move for Me”- Kaskade & Dead Mau5 and asked for a photo having the crowd yell “WHITE CLAW“. I ran into him later in the night and asked for a quote, he said “Fuck Corona virus; lean with it rock with it”. Thanks Ian hope you had a wonderful birthday!

(Photo cred KCmeRollin)

Sfam. takes the stage (compromised of New Orleans duo Jacob Hoerner & Micheal Pearson) and quickly adjusts the rhythm of the venue to a much deeper tempo and feel. They spend their hour set spinning some weird music this Austin crowd seemed to eat up, they end their set with 15 minutes of all original music I enjoyed quite a bit but before you knew it they end their time with a quick photo having the crowd scream “Fuck Tvboo“.

Now it’s DMVU‘s (aka Mathew Philpott from Colorado) turn now and he immediately flips the energy from weird to bouncing, rising some Pipus into some Travis Scott. He keeps the energy up with some amazing edits of great classics such as “My Shit Ban”- E-40, X21 Savage & Metro Boomin, & “Fireman” – Lil Wayne; he also dropped a “Bass Cannon”- Flux Pavilion into a little DnB. My favorite part of his set was the few Bleep Bloop tracks he played including an awesome remixes to “K-9 Unit”, “Acid in the Freezer”, & “Fuck a Swisher“- Smokepurpp (Bleep bloop remix); after that he ends his set with the coolest “Royals”- Lorde remix I’ve ever heard before snapping a quick photo having the crowd exclaim “Fuck Sfam!” Before he leaves the stage he gives a proper introduction to the secret special guest, the one and only LUCII. LUCII (aka Emily Rose of Orlando, Florida) takes the stage to a roaring and adoring Austin crowd and she did not disappoint playing one of my favorite sets ever from her. Early in her set she plays a remix to “Party Rock AnthemLMFAO into “How Deep is Your Love”- Calvin Harris & Disciples that puts the venue in a vibe then immediately transitions into some dubstep that seemed very welcomed by the crowd. She continues her set, which involves some Mac Miller, her singing a couple songs to the crowd, and even dropped a REZZ that brought come pretty cute vibes. There’s something very right about Lucii dropping REZZ in her set but her singing had to have been my favorite parts of her set, she plays a sweet “Sweat Shop” Doctor P remix and passes the stage off to Shlump.

Shlump (aka Micheal Petzel out of Sebastopol, Ca) wastes no time and opens up with “Alien Technology” into a “Bloccd” – DMVU remix that has a now very full summit on 100! He continues with an LSDream collab and makes a quick shout out to Wakaan & Liquid Stranger, then moves into some Hukae followed by his S/O. Shlump plays on of the most vibe fitting set of the night that just seem very “on brand” for this Austin, Texas crowd and in what seemed only a few moments he plays “Flying Saucer” to wrap up his set; handing the decks over to Champagne Drip.

Champagne Drip (aka Sam Pool, Los Angeles, Ca) plays a great set filled with Wakaan favorites like a double of “Sofa Surfing”- Space Jesus & Dirt Monkey and “Behemoth“- Svdden Death, and some brand new Liquid Stranger followed closely by “Dragonhawks”. After 6+ hours the crowd participation is still at an excited level, Champagne Drip announces he made a gospel song to dubstep and follows it with “Illusion”Peekaboo & Bassnectar, plays a fresh G-rex collab and an unreleased Zeke Beats collab but before ending his set makes another announcement; that they would be doing a very special b2b with DMVU, MIZE, Shlump, Champagne Drip, & Tynan and that Tynan would start!

I’ll leave this special b2b to your imagination as it was definitely a “you had to be there” moment, I can say it was neat to experience in a crowd full of Austin area talent like Hairitage, Freakmeowt, Rizzo, Mass Media, and countless more. Special thanks to KCmeRollin (for the media), Lime Light Events, Subsonix, & Nocturnal Waves for hosting the event; and you the reader, stay home, clean, and healthy!


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