Written by Sina Watson

Among the Chicago music craziness comes thought provoking producer James Fisher, better known as ALIGN.  Drawing on inspiration from Odesza and Bonoboo, this young producer’s Indie-Electric-House music transports listeners from the everyday mundane to an atmospheric bliss. Recognizing this artist’s transcending abilities, he has played alongside artists such as Louis the Child Hayden James Thomas Jack, and Illenium.

from ALIGN’s Facebook

As he enters the new year, ALIGN awakens us with his newest release, “Second Thoughts,” featuring soothing vocals from Becca Kruegar.  One of my praises for ALIGN is his ability to use his music to transform emotionally charged stories and lyrics to make the listener feel optimistic in an otherwise hopeless situation. He continues this theme in “Second Thoughts,” which tells the emotional and confusing journey of second guessing your feelings for someone.

Last year ALIGN released his first EP “Intertwine,” consisting of five-tracks guaranteed to guide the listeners soul through an emotional story. Since his then release, ALIGN has been relatively quiet apart from a few shows and remixes. I had the chance to ask James about his new song “Second Thoughts,” and his plans for 2020.

  • What was your inspiration for Second Thoughts?
    • I’ve always loved the melody and chord progression for second thoughts. It feels kind of like a wave of emotion with ups and downs, and that idea kind of lends itself nicely to Becca’s lyrics.
  • Can we expect to hear more from you in 2020?
    • YES! I’ve been quiet because I’ve been writing and prepping music. I’m going to be releasing plenty of new stuff in the upcoming weeks / months. A lot of the things I’m working on all have different feelings and moods, so they’ll all likely be different singles. Either way, I’m really excited to put some new and different stuff out there. It should be cool to show off some experimental ideas that are different than my normal sound at some point too.
from ALIGN’s Facebook

The future sounds bright for ALIGN and I can’t wait to hear more from one of my favorite artists. Stay sharp or you just might find yourself joining the #Alignment.

Connect with Align

SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Becca Krueger

SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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