Written by Sina Watson

Producer, DJ, label head, radio show host, former international breakdancer, full time funnyman… these are only just a few ways to describe Gold Coast-bred and party-starter Wongo.  In addition to his multiple Triple J, every month on Insomniac Radio, Wongo hosts his own radio show.  His most recent release, “I’m The DJ,” was a parody track complete with a music video featuring Dr. Fresch in the Hollywood Hills.

Known as the “Go-To” guy for mixing, Wongo has been made official remixes for some of music’s biggest artists such as Confidence Man, Client Liaison, The Knocks and Dom Dolla. He’s even crafted official remixes for the queen Beyoncé herself three times, and flipped tracks for A-Trak. 

Wongo’s driving force behind everything he does is his love for music and the community around him. He currently runs the record label “Box of Cats,” along with fellow producers Jeff Doubleu, Jak Z, Kyle Watson, Tom EQ and Marc Spence. Together their team has brought exclusive tracks from not only themselves, but from friends that you will not hear anywhere else. 

Taken from Wongo Facebook

With his newest released, “D.A.D (Dance all Day),” Dad from down under is here to save us all from our everyday problems with his funky beats and catchy vocals.  The track has been rinsed by multiple house artists including  VNSSA. This track is the perfect tune and distraction for the current crisis impacting us across the world. Or if you’re like me, every day is a crisis.

“My car don’t work
My rent ain’t paid
My girlfriend left,
But I dance all day.” 

As the world around us continues to spiral into chaos don’t forget to DANCE ALL DAY.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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