Written by Sina Watson

Under the wing and ear of house producer Claude VonStroke, Dirtybird does an incredible job of fanning the flames on its own campfire through fresh sounds. His ability to curate and cultivate up and coming talent has been shown by giving some of today’s biggest house artists their first nest. Such is true with rising house artists,  Diskull and JYNX who make their Dirtybird debut on the Miami Compilation with “Back It Up.”

Using the fun and quirky bass Dirtybird is known for, the duo wastes no time hitting the sweet spot in “Back it Up.” It’s clear why Papa Claude tagged this team to appear on Dirtybird’s much anticipated annual Miami compilation. The bass line immediately pulls your booty to the dancefloor while the funky vocals keep the listener engaged.  


 With releases on labels like Noir Sur Blanc, Brooklyn Fire, and House of Hustle, Diskull has cemented his talent and trademark sound. Not only  can this producer rock the dancefloor, but he also runs Groovy Bone Records. In 2019,  Groovy Bone saw support from top house artists, such as Shiba San, Golf Clap, and Gettoblaster. His keen taste for the underground,  is how he hooked up with Chicago’s JYNX for his latest release. 

Taken from JYNX Facebook

JYNX has also quickly risen through the ranks by establishing himself in the Jersey Club scene. Using his undeniable talent for creating ass shaking bass, he quickly translated recently into the house music scene. While shying away from the labels of one genre,   you can listen to his work on respected imprints like House of Bangers, House of Hustle, and OFDM Records.

While we should have been in Miami last week dancing at Dirtybird Players at Space, you can still pretend by by backing your booty up to their Miami Compilation featuring some old and new Dirtybirds alike.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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